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Green Simon is a place for travelers of all parts of the world to share stories, how-to’s, tips, guides, and anything else they find interesting. Green Simon is the metaphorically inexperienced and energetic middleman of information who desires to learn as much as he desires to share knowledge. We are interested in the enlightening experiences, the journey, the detours, the unexpected friendships, the story behind the picture, and all those little moments that make you look at the world in a different way.



Who is Green Simon?


Max Greenhood

Founder, Designer, Editor in Chief

Turkey, Greece, Germany, United Arab Emirates, U.K., Netherlands, France, Norway, Sweden, Costa Rica, & Egypt
MAx Greenhood Green Simon


Max Greenhood is a semi-professional real life avoider with a BBA in Business Marketing. Max has studied at Istanbul’s Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, worked as a videographer for James Madison University’s study abroad program in Turkey and Greece, and is currently living in Cairo, Egypt. In his spare time Max is a musician, artist, corny-joke teller, and wanna-be beer connoisseur.

Max’s Favorite of the Moment

City:  Berlin, Germany

Band:  Fleet Foxes

Beer:  Heineken

TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Brother from “Hanson”: Isaac

Way to Waste Time: Theorizing a way to stop hiccups with a 100% success rate

Dream Journey: Riding the entirety of the Tans-Siberian Railway


Kathie Hagy

Staff Writer

Japan, Vietnam, India, Spain

Kathie Hagy Author BioAbout

A native of Virginia, Kathie Hagy earned a B.A. in English from James Madison University.  During her college years, Kathie studied a semester abroad at La Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.  She currently teaches elementary and middle school English in northwest Japan.  Besides travel, Kathie loves hugs, hikes, words that can’t be translated to English, and ice cream.

Kathie’s Favorite of the Moment:

City:  Jodhpur, India

Band: Phantogram

Beer:  Yuengling

Phrase that can’t be translated to Japanese: “I miss you”

Food: Breakfast

Way to Waste Time: Making lists

Dream Journey: South America, bottom to top


Zak Mehan

Staff Writer

Honduras, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Monaco, Poland, Turkey, Austria, China, Thailand, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, & Greece

Zak Mehan GreenSimon WriterAbout

Zachary (Zak) Mehan has a major in Political Science, a passion for creative writing, and the belief that his outlook on life matures with each new culture that he experiences. From a traveling family, Zak lived in a London suburb during high school and spent three months in China on a study abroad program in college. He hopes to share his love of traveling and great experiences with as many people as possible through his writing to elicit the adventurer in all of us that can teach us so much about the world and ourselves.

Zak’s Favorite of the Moment

City: London
Band: Led Zeppelin
Beer: Golden Monkey – Victory Brewing Co.
Food: Sushi
TV Show: The Wire
Way to Waste Time: Read
Dream Journey: Hiking in the Himalayas
Word that should be used more: Obstreperous


Shannon Wright

Staff Writer

France, England, Scotland, Greece, India, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Italy, Belgium, USSR (when it existed), Germany. The Cayman Islands, Virgin Gorda, & Bonaire

Shannon Wright Staff WriterAbout
If Shannon didn’t have to be an adult with a grown-up job, she would be a professional gypsy and travel the world. Instead she takes really long vacations and dreams of the day when she can be a professional back-packer, book-reader, and hammock-swinger. She likes crossword puzzles, detective stories with quirky protagonists and is the proud mama of two gorgeous, brown rescue dogs.

Shannon’s Favorite of the Moment:

City:  Jaisalmer, India

Band:  Gotye

Beer:  Abita Strawberry

Constellation:  Cassiopeia

One Liner:  This isn’t my first rodeo

Way to Pass the Time on Trains/Planes/Blimps:  Perusing Skymall for lawn gnomes

Dream Journey:  Australia by horseback



Vic Dorschel

Contributing Writer

Canada, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

Contributing Writer Vic Dorschel


Vic is about as close to a professional traveler as you can get. For the last five years charter boats, odd jobs, and an urge to keep moving have taken him around the world and back. Vic enjoys new experiences, new people, and seeing what happens when he takes the word “no” out of his vocabulary. When he’s not hiking, spear fishing, or hunting back at home, he’s eating, or dreaming about eating, meat on a stick with a cold Chang (Thai beer) to wash it down.

Vic’s Favorite of the Moment:

City: Galway, Ireland

Band: too many… couldn’t live without music

Beer: Guinness (the real stuff you can only get in Ireland)

Sleeping Arrangement: In a bush, lost in Cairns, Australia. Woke up with guys in suits, moms and other respectful people staring and walking by.

Way to Waste Time: People watching and people meeting

US State Quarter Design: California

Dream Journey: On foot through the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and all the way up and around India. A boat from Bahamas to Galapagos, and on from there – my dream journey is to never stop traveling.

Molly Greenhood

Contributing Writer

Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Norway, Germany, Ireland, U.K., & Netherlands
Molly Greenhood Geen Simon


Aside from exploring the world Molly is a film major with a minor in creative writing, which took her on a recent cross-country trip to the rainless shores of California for work.  Molly has studied travel writing at University of Cork College in Cork, Ireland. Molly loves cats, listens to a variety of music and thoroughly enjoys the act of eating delicious food. Molly’s next move will be to either Ireland or New York in search of film and writing jobs.

Molly’s Favorite of the Moment

City: Dublin, Ireland

Band: Menomena

Beer: The one and only Pabst Blue Ribbon

Quote from the Kardashians: “I hate when women wear the wrong foundation colour, it might be the worst thing on the planet when they wear their make up too light.”

Slang: “Scrots” as in “scrots m’goats” as in “scrotally” as in “totally”

Way to Waste Time: Read Lord Voldemort’s tweets @LordVoldemort7

Dream Journey: Food Tour Across Asia


Christine Robinson

Contributing Writer

Philippines, Japan, U.K., Mexico, Norway, Costa Rica, Bermuda, New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, Spain, & Morocco

Christine Robinson About


Christine Robinson wrote her first book, “Things I Have Said That Are Funny” at the young age of nine. Despite the fame and fortune this brought her around the house, she went on to acquire a BA in English, minoring in Art and Literature. She spends her time camping on her front lawn, shooting guns at paint-filled balloons and encouraging people to name songs after her. She has just returned from a short stint studying in Barcelona, Spain with the University of Iowa and cares to continue educating herself from New York City.

Christine’s Favorite of the Moment

City: Margaret River, Western Australia

Band: Brazilian Girls

Beer: Wine

Word: Noodle

Transportation: Blimp

Way to Waste Time: Bake elaborate cakes during the week for no reason

Dream Journey: Mountain railway trip across India



“The real voyage of discovery consists of not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

-Marcel Proust


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