Gilded in Black Gold: Six Gaudy Projects of the Petroleum Gulf

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It’s not a surprise that the Gulf region contains some of the world’s more curious construction. Northwest to southeast Kuwait,...

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Five Natural Places to Love in Post-Tsunami Tohoku, Japan

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I’m letting the secret out: Tohoku, a region in Japan most widely recognized for the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that...

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Defining “Thin Places” for the Traveler in Search of Transcendence

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What is a “Thin Place”? Despite having travelled extensively for a variety of purposes, the idea of a “thin place” was entirely...

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How to “Bow like a Japanese”: Lessons in Culture from an American Living in Japan

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There are the obvious cultural characteristics of Japan that everyone knows: trade your shoes for slippers indoors, bow, eat with...

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An Open Letter to the TSA Supervisor at Reagan Airport

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Dear TSA Supervisor at Reagan Airport: Let’s get one thing straight. There are two terminal buildings at DCA. One building houses U.S....

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Pack Light and be Free: How to Travel the World with Just a Backpack and a Smile

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Drop the Suitcase and Get a Pack For some reason it never gets old watching someone dragging a roller suit case, or for that matter a...

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World Leaders Lock Lips for Benetton’s “Unhate” Campaign

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The marketing department at the United Colors of Benetton is known for their controversial advertisements. Past ads have depicted human...

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The Solo Traveler’s Guide to Exploring the Unknown

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The Art of Travelling Without Planning Step 1) Plan your trip, Step 2) Buy your plane ticket. As most solo travelers would agree, these...

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6 Experiences Not to Miss While Traveling in Cambodia

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When I tell people that Cambodia is one of my favorite countries I usually get a very strange look of confusion and bewilderment. A lot of...

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Egypt’s “Second Revolution” – The Short of It

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Tahrir, Round Two Crowds are once again gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. This story is pretty similar to that of January except...

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