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Whats Happening

World Leaders Lock Lips for Benetton’s “Unhate” Campaign


The marketing department at the United Colors of Benetton is known for their controversial advertisements. Past ads have depicted human hearts, interracial lesbian couples, a woman breast feeding, and even a newborn baby with umbilical chord and all. They’ve outdone themselves once again. Benetton’s newest “Unhate” campaign shows world leaders of opposing ideologies in the midst of a gentle little kiss on the lips. This is definitely a good way to get people’s attention. I would sure stop walking, or at least...

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Egypt’s “Second Revolution” – The Short of It


Tahrir, Round Two Crowds are once again gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. This story is pretty similar to that of January except that Mubarak is out of the picture. There are a number of issues but the major grievance is with the new constitution and timetables for change the military regime has put in place. The government the military rulers designed gives the military greater power than the parliament and the timetables for elections leaves the military in control of the government for much longer than necessary. They’re...

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Egypt Before the Revolution: It’s Either the Mubarak Way or the Mubarak Way


The small lounge was as smoky as it was loud, and the music was blaring. My girlfriend and I sat at a table against the wall with a two of my Egyptian co-workers and a few friends of theirs. It didn’t take very long for the revolution to come up. We leaned toward the middle of the table to hear one another. “Mubarak is shit.” Ibrahim answers my question regarding the ousted dictator. I wasn’t surprised. His opinion is not unique among young educated Egyptians. They were the first Egyptians to grow up with extensive exposure to...

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Oh, Those Dictatorships! Anti-American Propaganda at its Finest


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a.k.a Bat Sh*t Crazy North Korea) “Do not forget the U.S. Imperialist wolves!” It’s dark images like this that make isolated dictatorships like North Korea so scary and fascinating. This is an older poster, but like most outdated things in North Korea, it’s still being used. The poster comes free with the purchase of “Kim Jung Il, Our Divine Leader” commemorative plates!   The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (a.k.a. The Soviet Union – the Original Gangster) “Same...

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What’s Happening