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The Solo Traveler’s Guide to Exploring the Unknown

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The Art of Travelling Without Planning Step 1) Plan your trip, Step 2) Buy...

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6 Experiences Not to Miss While Traveling in Cambodia

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When I tell people that Cambodia is one of my favorite countries I usually get...

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Egypt’s “Second Revolution” – The Short of It

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Tahrir, Round Two Crowds are once again gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir...

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What Were They Thinking? 25 Crazy Laws from Around the World

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One of civilized man’s greatest achievements was the rule of law. A...

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Why Credit Card Fraud Protection Sucks

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Well I can’t really say that credit card fraud protection sucks, but it sure...

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Poems for the Road: “I Need to be More French. Or Japanese.” (Beth Anne Fennelly)

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The following is a travel poem of sorts.  Well, I suppose it’s more of a...

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6 Ways Egypt Confuses the Heck Out of Travelers

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1. The Time Issue Egyptians are not known for being prompt. One of the most...

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Secrets to Happier and Healthier Travel Days: Don’t Try to See Everything

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Trying to squeeze in too much is a classic cause of traveler anxiety and undue...

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A Day in the Life of an American in Cairo

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Sunrise on the Nile No matter what time it is, the sun has been shining on us...

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