What Were They Thinking? 25 Crazy Laws from Around the World

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One of civilized man’s greatest achievements was the rule of law. A unified list of codes for what is essentially...

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Why Credit Card Fraud Protection Sucks

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Well I can’t really say that credit card fraud protection sucks, but it sure can be a pain in the ass. Before I left for Egypt I called...

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Poems for the Road: “I Need to be More French. Or Japanese.” (Beth Anne Fennelly)

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The following is a travel poem of sorts.  Well, I suppose it’s more of a poem for travelers more than anything.  Beth Ann Fennelly’s...

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6 Ways Egypt Confuses the Heck Out of Travelers

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1. The Time Issue Egyptians are not known for being prompt. One of the most perplexing aspects of Arab cultures for Westerners is their...

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Oh, Those Dictatorships! Anti-American Propaganda at its Finest

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (a.k.a Bat Sh*t Crazy North Korea) “Do not forget the U.S. Imperialist wolves!” It’s...

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An American’s Guide to Oktoberfest

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A great article from our friend Casey at CaseyFrolickingAbroad.com! Casey describes her experience at the 2011 Oktoberfest in Munich,...

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