Why Credit Card Fraud Protection Sucks

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Well I can’t really say that credit card fraud protection sucks, but it sure can be a pain in the ass. Before I left for Egypt I called...

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A Day in the Life of an American in Cairo

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Sunrise on the Nile No matter what time it is, the sun has been shining on us for too long. The bed directly faces the folding set of glass...

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Egypt Before the Revolution: It’s Either the Mubarak Way or the Mubarak Way

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The small lounge was as smoky as it was loud, and the music was blaring. My girlfriend and I sat at a table against the wall with a two of...

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Discovering Marseilles, France

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Marseilles, France. The first stop on a backpacking adventure with my sister Molly, and our friend Matt. I beat them to our hostel, Vertigo...

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Discovering Dubai, U.A.E

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Dubai, U.A.E. It was around 6 am local time when I lugged my backpack off of the conveyor belt. After readjusting the many straps from...

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