Oh, Those Dictatorships! Anti-American Propaganda at its Finest

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

(a.k.a Bat Sh*t Crazy North Korea)North Korean Propaganda

“Do not forget the U.S. Imperialist wolves!” It’s dark images like this that make isolated dictatorships like North Korea so scary and fascinating. This is an older poster, but like most outdated things in North Korea, it’s still being used. The poster comes free with the purchase of “Kim Jung Il, Our Divine Leader” commemorative plates!


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

(a.k.a. The Soviet Union – the Original Gangster)Soviet Anti-American Propaganda

“Same year but different weathers.” The red bar on the thermometer reads “Soviet Industry Rate”, the black one “American Industry Rate.” The small text tells us of an economic crisis, population dislocation and unemployment occurring in the US while soviet workers are happily plugging away in their factories.


The People’s Republic of China

(a.k.a The Less Crazy One with Awesome Take-Out)Chinese Anti-American Propaganda

This 1951 piece by famous Chinese artist Gu Yuan is an example of anti-American propaganda seen in China during the Korean War. No caption necessary for this one.


Islamic Republic of Iran

(a.k.a. Murdering-Protestors-of-2009-Rigged-Elections Iran)Iranian Anti-America Propaganda

This is another self-explanatory piece of recent antiamericanism. There’s a fair amount of street art in Iran these days sporting “death to America” and other similar well wishes. Advice to potential Iran vacationers: leave your I Love New York shirt at home.


What do you think about these? Know of any other crazy posters? Leave us a comment!

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  1. Geeez. The North Korea one is borderline scary, those poor folks…

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Oh, Those Dictatorships! Anti-American Propaganda at its Finest