Poems for the Road: “To Those I Have Met on These Roads, This Path” (Isaac Oosterloo)

Isaac OosterlooI am Isaac Oosterloo, a 26 year old tasmanian (Australian!) who has just completed an epic journey through southeast Asia, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. In the 9 months I was away I met and connected with many amazing fellow travelers from all walks of life. I truly believe there is a global network of people, an international nomads society out there and I wrote this piece in a tiny Bangkok cafe on my last day to pay homage to those beautiful souls . Enjoy!


To Those I Have Met on These Roads, This Path

By Isaac Oosterloo

To those I have met
on these roads, this path.
Those who became my family, my world.
For a minute, a week,
a month, a glance.
You are all sublimely perfect
in your own individuality and
as a collective you make up the face of god.
My friends, Keep going,
Keep walking, Keep listening,
Keep smiling, Keep the music,
Keep telling stories,
Keep riding motorbikes across the world.
Keep running down lonely beaches.
Keep showing village kids magic
and convincing them you come from the sky.
Keep dancing naked on snowy mountains.
Keep walking alone for balance
and keep finding kindred souls for definition.
Above all never loose sight
of why you left.
That irrepressible urge that’s booms inside
like a bass drum
is yours and yours alone
It will lead you to the path,
a never-ending set of random beautiful options
where every single choice,
every new direction is freedom.
Remain open, give all freely and without hesitation.
There is no cost.
Every step you take deposits into the soul of the world.
I love you, and I have loved it all.

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  1. Hi Isaac,

    Congratulations on your journey.

    Strangely I am looking for two former teachers of mine who encouraged me to do the same thing. If you know Jeniffer and Tao Oosterloo please pass on my thanks.


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Poems for the Road: “To Those I Have Met on These Roads, This Path” (Isaac Oosterloo)